All real living is meeting.

- Martin Buber

We have become lonesome.

We move between the isolation of self – lived out in the glorification of loneliness in individualism – and the illusion of connection – lived out in the radical escape of isolation in collectivism. Is life just a battle we fight on our own, for our own? What makes us human? Are we isolated individuals, focused on ourselves? Or part of a big group? Where can we see a glimpse into human nature – of what it means to be human.

Overcome loneliness.

The dialogue between you and I offers a true confrontation with loneliness. It provides a testimony of the human essence – better than an observation of the individual or of the individual in a group could ever do. What makes us human lies therefore in relationship, expressed in dialogue. Not in the thoughts we make up when we are alone or how we act as part of a group – no, in an immediate interaction between you and I manifests the human nature. Overcoming loneliness by confronting the I with the you, lived out in the realm of the between.

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