As you, I have been following the #metoo movement in the media. It got me distressed at times, realizing the ever ongoing hurt that is happeinng around us. It got me emotional at times, seeing women standing up for change together. Most of all it got me longing for celebrating sisterhood itself, celebrating the connection we share by being women: We share the monthly cleaning process of our bodies. Our body and our emotions are linked to that circular movement of hormones. Something we will go through about 500 times in our lives. In other cultures it is being celebrated as female fruitfulness. Celebrating the circular characteristics of life. Slowing down and acknowledging the need to rest for one set time a month. Something we see as an inconvenience that is limiting our ability to work or engage.

We used to be all on the same cycle with the moon.

Our menstruation was in relation to the moon phases: in the first phase rising hormone and energy levels and with that a feeling of engaging and compassion, full moon being at the end of that phase, being the fertile time of our cycle. With the waning moon our energy and hormone levels sink. We feel tired and introverted. That sameness of experience made us feel closer because we would actually experience all the symptoms that come along with each phase at the same time. As we humans moved away from our mutual relationship with nature, we detached ourselves from that. Our organism was no longer only influenced by the light of sun and moon but of artificial light. Women no longer menstruated according to the moon, I think we even moved as far away from it to even know that that existed. Meeting up at full moon, we celebrated full energy levels and empowerment. Using nature‘s available light, photographs were created to get our organisms metaphorically back on track.

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